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Level up on Hack

Hack your body against unwanted symptoms with our powerful drinks made from natural ingredients so that you can go back to being the best version of yourself. If life is a game, take advantage of our cheat codes to eliminate hangovers, energy loss, and more.

Our Hangover Antidote contains powerful ingredients to help you beat the symptoms of the morning after. Here is a list of the top ingredients and their benefits for your overall health.



It's not the 1920s anymore. By now we all know how electrolytes are the key to deep hydration at any time of the day and even more so when alcohol is involved. Our HACK Hangover Antidote provides plenty of electrolytes to make your body feel reborn after the first sip.

Vitamin B6

Alcohol is fun until it starts to lower vitamin B levels in your body. Vitamin B plays a major role in removing alcohol from your system so that you feel great the next day. That's why HACK provides a big dose of vitamin B6 to show alcohol who's in charge.

Vitamin C

Remember how your morning orange juice made you feel alive as a kid? Well, as a partying adult, drinking vitamin C becomes your best friend again to counter the negative effects of your favorite cocktails.


Why does poutine taste like the right breakfast choice for a hangover? Because of the carbohydrates, of course! Well, your friend Thiamine helps process carbohydrates the right way to give your body the energy it needs to fight a hangover.



Where ever the party takes you! At a festival, a concert, at your favorite nightclub or at a "house party".


It is advisable to drink Hack during or after drinking alcohol, ideally before calling it a night. 


All you need to do is twist the cap and drink to experience the many Hangover Antidote benefits.

Are you now convinced? Shop for our Hack drink and keep the party going!