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Why Wine Hangovers Are The Worst

As we get older we tend to let go of the sugary premade drinks or fruity cocktails and learn to enjoy a good glass of wine. Sometimes, more than a glass. I still remember my first times out in bars, I would order Long Island Iced teas and could indulge a couple of those during the night and have no hangover the next day (I have to come clean, I’d also get a few Strawberry daiquiris...even in the winter).

Now if I have one too many glasses of wine at dinner and don’t drink HACK before nighttime (never forget that cheat code), I can barely get out of bed in the morning. So I had to ask myself : is it because I’m getting older or is it the wine ?

I have to admit, I like to pretend I am a man of science. In fact, I’ve always been a huge fan of Mythbusters (RIP Grant Imahara). So I did my own experiment on 2 different night outs. To put this to the test I had to act like HACK didn’t exist. On the first night out I had 3 glasses of wine, resulting in me wanting to chug an entire jar of Advils the next day. Second night out, I had 3 Vodka sodas, resulting in me wanting to sleep an extra 2-3h but the headache wasn’t as bad. I knew right there and then that wine had to have some kind of ingredient in it that was creating these painful hangovers. And today, I’m sharing my findings with you.


Sulfites are usually added to wine as preservatives. Research found that people (and not a small % of the population) who have an allergy or sensitivity to sulfites are more likely to get dreadful headaches from drinking wine.Most biological wines do not contain sulfites, which is a better choice to avoid feeling like your head will explode in the morning. It is also proven that If you have asthma, you may have a higher chance of sensitivity to sulfites.


Another reason that has been studied to explain the unbearable wine hangovers are Congeners. Basically, Congeners are chemical byproducts of the fermentation process that gives wine their taste and smell. Does this mean that the stronger the smell, the stronger the headache ? Not too sure. I couldn’t find that much information about how congeners affect your body to crate the nasty hangovers but it seems to be a common consensus amongst experts that they play a large role !

With this article I’m not trying to convince you to stop drinking wine (I’m a huge fan of wines from Sancerre) but more to let you know that if you are planning to enjoy a nice bottle of wine at dinner with friends, be a great host and make sure all your guests drink a HACK before leaving.

Spare them a dreadful hangover, just HACK it.