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Why Thiamin in HACK ?

Today we are nerding up and talking SCIENCE. For some people reading nutritional facts before consuming any product is a must and with time they almost know every major ingredients used in their favorites foods or beverages without having to use our beloved Google. But you might be someone who has no idea what Thiamin is…and it plays a MAJOR role in the strong performance of our Hangover Antidote.

So what does Thiamin do exactly ?

Thiamin is basically vitamin B-1. It actually helps the body generate energy from nutrients. Thiamin is necessary for the growth, development and function of cells. But what does it have to do with Hangovers right? The best hangover treatment is to avoid it in the first place, this is why we strongly suggest drinking a HACK before going to bed (and one in the morning if you have more than 1 at your disposal). When you get one too many tequila shots (partying in Playa Del Carmen or anywhere else in the world), the large amounts of Alcohol interferes with vitamin B1 (thiamine) absorption and that usually causes you to feel a bit light headed. Have you ever experienced the type of hangovers that not only an unbearable headache sets in but a feeling of drowsiness also kicks in making it hard not to feel nauseous ? Well that’s most likely the alcohol depleting your natural Thiamin.

Now that you know that, doesn’t it make a whole lot of sense to drink a HACK before bed next time you party ? ;)