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I Quit Drinking Booze During Flights

Not only am I a frequent vacation traveller but with HACK becoming available worldwide in 2022, I have been flying for business purposes more than ever before. I have a tendency of being a little bit naughty on long flights (after all i’m part of the mile high club *self high five*), and sometimes I can end up with a few mini vodka bottles in my system.

As I get older, and wiser (my wife would argue that part), I realized that it is THE WORST IDEA EVER to get drunk on a plane.

Reason number 1 is that you can’t board with your own HACK (yet, maybe soon enough we’ll sell our Hangover Antidotes at airports). So with that being said, you need to face the side effects full front.

Do you get impatient while waiting for your luggage at the baggage claim ? Well if you get drunk on a plane, chances are that the booze will start to wear off between landing and baggage claim. Imaging standing up, looking at a million luggages looking exactly alike, trying to figure out which one is yours surrounded by strangers…a complete nightmare. The perfect setting for a harsh headache to settle in. Terrible way to kick off a trip.

Motion sickness is something a lot of people deal with during a flight due to turbulence. You might convince yourself that booze will ease it out but that’s a rookie mistake. Alcohol combined with pressurized oxygen will upset your nervous stomach and hello motion sickness x100.

Another reason to avoid drinking too much on flights is short layovers. Why ? You might think that you can run as fast as Usain Bolt when drunk but that’s just the alcohol confidence talking. You are way slower after all those glasses of white wine in the air and chances are you might get a bit confused finding your connection gate. Let’s be honest, airports can be so badly designed it feels like a maze and I strongly recommend never to enter a maze drunk (got lost in a maze during apple picking once, talking with experience here).

Final argument would be this : Toilet access. We all know that the more you drink booze the more you’ll need to empty your bladder. Now, in an airplane, sitting in a window seat with two strangers beside you and a continuous lineup at the closest toilet (that’s if the seat belt sign isn’t on for the full lenght of the flight) becomes so annoying that you’ll automatically ask yourself this question “WHY DID I DRINK SO MUCH”.

Now, we’re all adults here, if you wanna party like in a nightclub during your next flight to Dominican Republic, go ahead, but be warned…you can't smuggle HACK in the airplane so there’s a HIGH % of chances you regret your decision.

Just wait ‘til landing and enjoy a tasty Pina Colada sitting by the beach instead.