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Healthy Snack Choices for Your next House Party!

HACK is now available in all SHOP SANTE stores across the province of Quebec, Canada. We've decided to give you some tips and list our favorite healthy snacks sold in their locations to celebrate. Party with your friends guilt-free while indulging yourself with these snacks and drinks.


1. Smart Sweets

I don't know about you, but for me, a party isn't complete without at least 1 or 2 bowls of candy to snack on all night. Forget your traditional convenience store candy choices. There is a tasty, low sugar alternative called Smart Sweets, available at Shop Santé. Smart Sweets offers a growing variety of delicious candies containing less than 3g of sugar per bag. You read that right; it's less than 3g for your sweet tooth. Here's how to satisfy candy cravings at the party without feeling guilty!


2. Quest Nutrition Chips

Oh, so are you more of a savory snack-type? Well, we have something for you too. Again, let's ignore the big chip brands you are used to buying and regretting once you look at the nutritional panel on the back of the bag. Quest Nutrition has been very creative over the past few years and offers crisps that don't go against your healthy eating habits by providing a dose of protein in each crispy treat. My favorite is Loaded Taco Flavor! Feel free to browse all of their flavors online or purchase them directly from your nearest Shop Santé store to fill your party bowls!

3. Skinny Syrup

It's 2021, and the world of cocktails continues to innovate at full speed! Proof of this is the legendary Skinny Syrups product available at Shop Santé. Their syrups are sugar-free and packed with carbohydrates. You can now easily make Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Mojitos, or any of your favorite cocktails. The possibilities are endless with their impressive selection of 25 flavors!

4. Vodka Light

This one is not available at Shop Santé, only at the SAQ (in Quebec), but it is a must if you like to party with Vodka and want to kick out calories. Mix Vodka Light with the Skinny Syrup blends and you get the healthiest cocktails possible (in calories)!


5. Hack Drinks

Duh! I know this one is obvious and expected, but this is our blog after all. We will promote it if we want to! Before the party is over, make sure every guest has a bottle of HACK to rehydrate their soul and wake up fresh as a rose the next day! ZERO calories, ZERO sugars, that's what's up!


If you've made it this far, we hope you've enjoyed our list! Be sure to visit Shop Santé to try one or all of these snacks and drinks at your next house party!!