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5 Super Easy Underrated Cocktails🍸

I hate it when I go to a new bar or restaurant, and they don't have a cocktail menu, but tell me, “we can make just about any cocktail you want.” I respect the skills & confidence, but the fact is that I don’t know that many cocktails.

Here is a list of super-easy cocktails we came up with: they are ready in just a few steps no matter where or who you are. Go behind the bar and wow everyone at the party with one of these five drinks.

These drinks are super tasty and underrated, in my opinion. Enjoy them, drink responsibly and never forget your best ally for the night: HACK! 



I know, I know the name sounds like some Hollywood actor. You can’t quite remember the face, but it’s an easy Gin cocktail to make a change from the classic Gin & Tonic. All you need is gin, club soda, lemon juice, and simple syrup, that's it. This cocktail is super refreshing but so easy to drink it can get dangerous, so watch your pace, you filthy animal!



I am a big fan of Vodka, and I am the type to say "vodka goes in all cocktails"! If you want to make a vodka drink at home effortlessly while feeling like a mixologist, buy some fancy martini glasses and make Vodka Gimlet. All you need are three simple ingredients: vodka, lime juice, simple syrup. Drink up!


Okay, so I hear you like cocktails that "kick.” Take out that Hennessy bottle (or any other cognac) and sidecar the sh*t out of it. How? 'Or' What? Three ingredients: Cognac, Orange Liqueur, Lemon Juice. If you feel like getting wasted on this but still want to keep it classy, add some sugar to the glass rim, and you’ll have yourself a heavy hitter that looks fancy!


Do you want to be Jack Sparrow for a night and empty that bottle of rum? If you're like me, you're done with boring old Rum & Coke, or maybe not, and you just ran out of Coca-Cola? Try the most underrated rum cocktail ever! It's so easy to make that even a toddler can whip it up (but never let a toddler try, ever.) Another three ingredients banger: Rum, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer.



If you looked at all of the other drinks in this article and thought to yourself, “Damn, three-ingredient cocktails are too much for me; I'm not a mixologist! ". Well, this one's for you! We've kept the simplest last on this drink list. It might be easy, but it has the badest name: The Godfather. Serve it in a fancy scotch glass, and the cocktail is a simple blend of Scotch & Amaretto. A third ingredient can make it even better if you dare to add more: ice cubes.