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HACK does things differently than others in many many ways. First thing that comes to mind is obviously that our Hangover Antidote is the best tasting one worldwide PERIOD. But one very important difference between HACK and other sugar free beverages on the market is that HACK does NOT contain Aspartame. Why is that so important to us ? Well let’s give you a few reasons to avoid drinks containing aspartame and you’ll love HACK even more after reading this.

Before we start, if you’ve never realized how commonly used aspartame is, just keep in mind that whenever you see those Equal sweetener packages at a coffee shop or restaurant, that’s aspartame.

First and foremost we won’t throw in the big C word here (Cancer, ok we did it), but just keep in mind that it has been demonstrated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that there’s a link between high consumption of aspartame and development of cancer in animals.

Aspartame is also known to cause headaches in people who consume too much of it. And since it’s a sweetener used by a vast majority of well known soda brands, people tend to drink too much of it without noticing. An explanation for this is that Glutamate is a byproduct of aspartame that can easily trigger headaches or worsen migraine symptoms.

Another very scary side effect of Aspartame is that it’s known to potentially cause Heart Diseases. Consuming foods and beverages that contain aspartame can increase your risk of heart disease. Per exemple, If an individual is overweight, is pre-diabetic (or diabetic), or at risk of heart-related diseases genetically, it’s highly suggested to stay away from those terrible drinks that contain aspartame because these can dramatically increase the risk of heart-related diseases.

We could almost go on all day (even if I had a party yesterday, I drank a HACK before bed and one in the morning so I’m top shape to write this right now), but we will just give you a quick list of other proven side effects because there is SO MANY and this would turn into an hour read.

So basically, stay away from Aspartame because of these possible side effects : Mood irritability, Depression, Dizziness, Seizures, impotency, Anxiety, Multiple sclerosis, generalized body pain, Diarrhea, Abdominal bloating.

Next time you are looking for a Sugar Free beverage, remember to read the ingredient list and if you see the word aspartame, run away from it like if it was a stranger with Covid-19 coughing in your direction.