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Drunk Types Depending on Alcohol 🥴

There are so many booze options out there & many ways to enjoy the party depending on your choices. We picked five popular alcohol types describing the expected “drunk feels” experience. All of them have their place and time, but no matter which one you choose, make sure to end the night with your favorite Hangover Antidote: HACK!



One of the main reasons party animals drink Vodka is to mix it with juice or soda water. It’s sweet, feels refreshing, and gives you a “beach drunk.” When the nightclub is too crowded and the temperature rises to an unbearable level, a vodka soda may seem a lot more refreshing than other liquors so that you can party the night away! It’s a misconception because alcohol dehydrates your body. A HACK drink is hydrating, not vodka. 


Being Beer drunk is, in most cases, becoming a social butterfly. Beers don’t get you f*cked up enough that you can’t handle a conversation with a stranger, and it makes you friendly enough actually to share a beer with that stranger. Beer drunk is all fun and games until you reach the point of no return where you feel incredibly bloated, gassy, and pass out on the bar watching whatever is on the TVs.


Also known as “grown-up drunk,” as kids at the table, wine never really seemed to affect your parents even when they had one too many during the diner. Why is that? Because Wine drunk is “conversation drunk.” Wine makes us relaxed and opens up conversations about everything and anything. But watch out; it comes with a cost the headaches are unbearable. That’s unless you're smart and finish the night with a bottle of your favorite Hangover antidote HACK.



Some will say you already have to be drunk to get on the Tequila train because not too many cocktails with Tequila are suggested on menus.

Tequila is usually a call for SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! What does that say about being Tequila drunk? It means PARTY ANIMAL DRUNK. A true nightlife warrior knows that Tequila Drunk is the way to end the night. Enjoy the ride, my friends!


The undisputed king of brown liquors, the party starter, and the “ I wanna fight “ drunk’s favorite drink. After asking around through the years, I’ve noticed that people tend to get aggressive on brown liquor. 4 Rum & Coke in, and I’m ready to K.O. Connor McGregor (that’s only in my head, of course).