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Can You Die From a Hangover ?

Have you ever been SO HANGOVER that you googled laying down in bed with your eyes barely opened : Can I die from a hangover ? Like any search formulated like that, our friendly “panic attack creator” Google will tell you : YES. But hey, don’t freak out, your Hangover experts* at HACK Drink can confirm that you are more likely to die from texting while driving than from having one too many Tequila shots. (by the way, don’t text and drive)

But for the sake of the article, let’s see HOW you can die from a gnarly hangover.

The most intense symptom of a Hangover is dehydration. When you consume alcohol, it acts as a diuretic (meaning you will empty your bladder almost as fast as you are drinking). It causes your body to remove not only the alcohol but all fluids from your renal system (kidneys, ureters, bladder). NOT GOOD. Of course, if you alternate between Cocktails & HACK Drinks you won’t have that problem, but let’s say you don’t know this cheat code already, here’s what happens next.

Your body will go in survival mode (not the same survival mode as in Squid Game but more of an internal survival mode). Your body will slow down blood flow to your nonvital organs like your kidneys and gut and cause hardcore damages. If your kidneys are too damaged, they won’t be doing their job as blood filters so cellular waste quickly builds up and the are literally dying for a glass of water (or a HACK if you really wanna show your body who’s boss).

Now, there’s other ways to die from a Hangover, like alcohol poisoning. But if you drink responsibly and remember that you should ALWAYS carry a HACK Drink at your parties, this won’t happen to you.

In fact, you can party safely very easily.

Just know your limits, don’t drink and drive, remember to stay hydrated and make sure to eat before going out. So let’s raise our drinks and shout “NOT TODAY REAPER” and let’s be the smartest party animals there is !


*Our team tested our limits while creating the Hangover HACK, we kind of consider ourselves experts in the matter.