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Best Drunk Burgers in Montreal 🍔

It’s getting closer to 3 am in Montreal, and you have reached the maximum amount of tequila shots that you can handle before it feels like your soul is leaving your body. Before you crash hard on anything comfier than the bar’s toilet floor, give yourself one more mission: Finding the best burger to eat alongside your HACK drink.

Would a simple Google search do the trick? Surely not! You are lost; your phone screen is as blurry as the last 2 hours. However, you will remember reading our blog post titled: MONTREAL'S BEST DRUNK BURGERS by your favorite hangover killer team!

Here’s the list we came up with after getting hammered (for research purposes) and travel across the city eating burgers after burgers, enjoy!


Now the restaurant's vintage tropical decor can be too much for some of you to handle, especially when you can't even walk straight. Still, we can't get enough of Classic Double Cheeseburger with a side of crispy golden fries. This Deli has one of Montreal's most legendary drunken burgers. Miami Deli is a bit far east of the nightlife hotspots, but you must try it if it's on your way home, or you can take a short cab ride without getting sick and passing out.




You can travel around the globe and search for something like it, but you will NEVER experience a drunk burger like at Julep. What’s so special about it? Well, other than the fact that the restaurant is a massive ORANGE fruit-shaped dome on the side of the highway, you can get a delicious TRIPLE cheeseburger with their renowned Orange Juice for under 15$. Want to spice it up? Leave the bar with the bottle of Vodka and add some to that delicious OJ (thank me later).



I can already hear you, partygoers, yelling at the screen, “La Banquise is a poutine spot !!”, yes, BUT, don’t get fooled by the sh*tload of poutine options they have on their menu, they also have THE ABSOLUTE BEST smoked meat burger on the island of Montreal. You heard right, smoked meat on a pretzel bun. You might forget your night after all that booze, but you’ll never forget this burger.


Not a fan of Beef patties? No problem! Do you like your drunk burger with some heat? Well, this last spot on the list is for you. The majestic Burger au Poulet Sud-Ouest (available crispy or grilled, but let’s be honest, you're drunk, GET THE CRISPY) is one burger that stands out from all the others. 

Paulo & Suzanne have been around forever. They offer multiple burger options (you will want to try all of them), but trust me, no matter how many vodka/sodas I drink, a Crispy chicken burger is always magical.