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5 Party Cities To Add To Your Bucketlist

After spending 2 years stuck in your home or barely traveling outside your own city due to the Covid restrictions, most of us are aching for a great party (and when I say great I mean, a ‘’let me drink all the booze, dance with weird moves, flirt all night’’ type of party). You can always organize a house party or party at your local bar and still have an amazing time but maybe you also feel the urge to use your passport in 2022. If that’s your case, here’s a few cities you should add to your party animal itinerary, but don’t forget to pack some HACK in your suitcase !


Where the F*ck is Belgrade right ? Well if you are somewhat of a fan of electronic music you might already know that western Europe is where it’s at when it comes down to raves. Belgrade (Serbia’s capital city) has some of the wildest nightlife with 24h raves all year around. Another reason to attend these raves is that the venues they host these insane parties at are simply epic, like their world famous Belgrade fortress.


You might have heard (or not) that Tel Aviv is the most open minded city in Asia and I would have to say it’s most definitely a liberal city which makes it a very interesting destination to party. Even tho the city has a strong religious history it is far from being a boring place, per exemple, Tel Aviv holds the biggest Gay Pride of all of Asia with parties that would blow your mind. On top of it, Tel Aviv has amazing scenery that makes it stand out from the rest of the world.


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I could share with you so many wild stories of parties I have been to in Las Vegas but it’s not suitable for an underage audience (and we can’t control who’s reading this). Let me just say this…you haven’t partied in life if you haven’t been to Vegas at least once. But be careful, it is very easy to go as wild as getting legally married at 3am with a total stranger


Also called the White Island due to its dreamy white sand beaches, Ibiza is a party destination you won’t forget. Ibiza has a world renowned electronic music industry that powers its nightclubs and beach clubs. It is pretty rare in the world to find a place that has both the underground all-nighter nightclubs and the daytime sexy boozy beach parties. Well, Ibiza has everything. Everything for anyone who's looking to party with other party animals that traveled from anywhere in the world.


Last but not least, you live under a rock if you haven’t heard of people having the time of their lives in Tulum. This gorgeous city in the south of Mexico blends perfectly the natural jungle vibes and the hardcore partying in exotic supperclubs and beach clubs. Tulum can sometimes feel like it’s the destination where all the hottest party animals on the planet converge to release all the stress of fast cities and tall buildings to experience luxury jungle living.


No matter where you decide to book your next party trip just remember to stay safe, be informed of all regulations and laws in the city you are visiting and most importantly, pack your favorite Hangover Antidote in your suitcase.